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This is wrinkling my brain

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Supernatural Openings: Season 1 through 10

The Mindy Project [3x04] I Slipped

Doctor Who [8x07] Kill the Moon

Once Upon A Time [4x02] White Out

This show is so stupid…

This was so fucking confusing for me. Like, I get now that it’s about little annoying things in life, but I thought it was a list of stuff to get.

Like, "Hey, you want to have a fun weekend? Start with a 4-Pack of pens, then get a hotel room!"

"I am on board!"

"Take your birth control!"

"Not necessary, go on…"

"Make sure you have access to a tesselated floor!"

"OK, weird, but continue."

"Have your cell phone at the ready!"

"This is going somewhere good, I can tell."

"Get some music ready, like these Matt & Kim songs!"

"Never heard of them, but I get the idea."

"Stare into the corner of a room!"

"What is happening now?"

"Then you get an error with your e-mail client!”

"…heh? And is that Sarah Jessica Parker from Hocus Pocus? And she’s… uncomfortable… *scroll up and down the post repeatedly*"

It was an awkward couple of minutes until I noticed that kearning error. This is why I feel uncomfortable applying for jobs looking for someone “detail oriented.”

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this is social anxiety summed up in two gifs

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New Girl [4x03] Sponge Brainstorming (Short Version)

Because the long version is pretty much unintelligible, and this is the best part, but I spent like 3 hours on it, so…

New Girl [4x03] Sponge Brainstorming (Full Version)